Thursday, February 14, 2008


When we came into this World, you were there,

To kiss our cheeks, hold our hands and stroke our hair.

Throughout our lives you were there to pick us up when we fell,

But one thing you couldn’t do, was teach us how to spell.

When newly wed you left old England’s shore,

In a single engine Auster just after the war,

Kenya bound and your future uncertain,

Upon your life you lifted another curtain.

And with you we did share this great adventure,

Always never less than loved or ever insecure,

From fertile highlands to the Mara River and Indian Ocean,

Our life moved fluidly forwards in perpetual motion.

You our loving mother and to father faithful wife,

Took us on the oft happy journey of your life.

It was not always easy for you it’s true to say,

But you bravely battled all the way.

Mother, teacher, such as you a Mara buffalo had never seen,

Bloodied, bruised you walked away, forever known as Buffalo Queen.

In sickness and in health and every trial or tribulation,

Your courage filled us always with loving admiration.

Every day of our lives we were blessed that you were here,

With us your compassion and wisdom you did gently share,

And when finally you left this World, we were there,

To kiss your cheeks, hold your hands and stroke your hair.

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