Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Rock

This poem is dedicated to my aunt Barbara whom we loved and revered. My mother who is Barbara's sister called her the rock of the family.

Lighthouse on the rock

The Rock

The seas may rage and the winds may blow,
The seasons may come and the seasons may go,
But the rock stands steadfast, in the wind and the rain and the snow,
While ages to history pass, in untimely flow.

Upon the rock the lighthouse stands, with its beacon flashing light,
Guiding storm tossed ships to sanctuary, in the dead of angry night,
Lifting the hearts of despairing souls, who had lost all hope,
At the end of their tether, unable to cope.

Though the sands may shift and the tides may ebb and flow,
The rock stands steadfast in the wind and the rain and the snow,
Watching as ships sail upon prevailing tides of fashion,
Drifting rudderless, in empty oceans of shallow passion.

Oh I thank God, for the lighthouse that stands upon the rock,
Ageless, timeless, unaware of the clock.
Calling back lost souls from the sea’s deafening roar,
To the sweet sound of footsteps, upon the pebbled shore.


We thank God for Barbara, who in foul weather or fair, was always there, for all of us. May the lighthouse beacon, now beckon her, to rest in peace upon a tranquil shore.

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