Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Cycles of life


As seed turns to flower and blooms in the spring
Aromas waft scented upon the wing,
Of bees and birds and butterflies,
Till the petals fall and the flower dies.

Seeds fall upon the mulch of autumn.
Trees bend in the whistling winds that court them,
And the leaves blush in hews of red,
As they tumble lightly to their dewy bed.

The leaves lie sleeping in gentle decay,
Harvested by mould turning them to chalk and clay,
While seeds lie trapped in the frosted earth,
Awaiting the spring of a new a born birth.

Cycles Of Life

A Baby Is Born

A baby was born this day, in a Bethlehem manger.
Three wise men following a star journeyed to see the stranger.
From heaven he came, to this humble earth,
When the virgin Mary, gave him birth.

And Leaves His Mark

Seeds of wisdom he did sow,
On barren ground they did flourish and grow.
His words were harvested by the twelve apostles,
And guarded for posterity, like ancient fossils.

And Dies And Is Reborn

Upon a heathen’s cross he died.
Why have you forsaken me Lord, he cried.
But he rose again from the dead,
Or so at least, the disciples said.

From Dust To Dust

From ashes to ashes and dust to dust,
We metamorphose as all life must,
From state to state in mysterious form,
Does all life itself transform.

The Beginning And The End

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